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Mac Ray Builders, LLC is a residential residential construction company focused on buying vacant lots and occupied properties in Nashville, Tennessee that we can build/renovate and sell. Led by founder Ben Burditt, a builder with 24 years of experience.


Originally from Warsaw, Missouri,  Ben built in the Midwest for 10 years before relocating to Southern California and getting into the high end custom market. Over the course of the next 14 years, he established relationships which led to over $28,000,000 in renovation projects. 


With honesty and integrity as his main focus, the entire list of projects came from client referral. He has chosen to leave a bulk of the custom building behind and pursue building/investing in the Nashville speculative market. Exposure to and learning from many elements and styles from California, he feels they will be unique and appealing to a rapidly expanding local market from Coastal migration.


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Prior projects featured in Metropolitan Home, Architectural Digest  and Worlds of Wonder: Richard Hallberg Interiors


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